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UK were one of the most underrated bands that arrived at the tail end of prog rock halcyon days. Taking a strange position between jazz-rock and pop, it was a combination of John Wetton and Eddie Jobson’s talents, initially fortified by the presence of Allan Holdsworth and then guitarless, with drums passing from Bill Bruford to Terry Bozzio: they released two studio and one live album and then they were no more.

The fans couldn’t be satisfied with rare airing of their classics by Eddie and songs like “Rendezvous 6:02” and “Thirty Years” often delivered by John, and hang on to the many bootlegs out there. 2011 saw the original pair get together again, and they played sporadically until 2015 when the ensemble ceased to exist, having left behind Japan-only box set, expensive and not affordable to many. That’s why, to rectify the situation, UK are to issue “Ultimate Collectors’ Edition”: out on April 15th, this whopping 16-disc set holds the group’s three records from the ’70s, the concert one remixed and expanded with additional 50 minutes of music, all on CDs and Blu-ray, as well as the Tokyo gig from 2011; plus three shows off the bootleg circuit, including the last concert from the band’s first lifespan, a smattering of rarities, a round of interviews and a book.

Here’s the breakdown of the whole bonanza. With no details on concert discs provided, the original set lists are given; with meager info on the bonus material, there may be more to it.

Disc 1 & 2 (CD/Blu-ray): UK

1. In The Dead of Night
2. By The Light of Day
3. Presto Vivace And Reprise
4. Thirty Years
5. Alaska
6. Time To Kill
7. Nevermore
8. Mental Medication

Disc 3 & 4 (CD/Blu-ray): Danger Money

1. Danger Money
2. Rendezvous 6:02
3. The Only Thing She Needs
4. Caesar’s Palace Blues
5. Nothing To Lose
6. Carrying No Cross

Disc 5 (CD): Night After Night – Pt.1

1. Night After Night
2. Danger Money
3. The Only Thing She Needs
4. Nothing To Lose
5. Bass Solo
6. Thirty Years
7. Carrying No Cross
8. Rendezvous 6:02
9. As Long As You Want Me Here

Disc 6 (CD): Night After Night – Pt.2

1. Alaska
2. Time To Kill
3. Violin Solo
4. Time To Kill (Reprise)
5. By The Light Of Day (Part II)
6. Presto Vivace
7. Drum Solo
8. In The Dead of Night
9. Caesar’s Palace Blues

Disc 7 (Blu-ray): Night After Night

Disc 8 (CD): Reunion – Pt.1

1. In The Dead Of Night
2. By The Light Of Day
3. Presto Vivace And Reprise
4. Danger Money
5. Thirty Years
6. Alaska
7. Time To Kill
8. Starless
9. Carrying No Cross

Disc 9 (CD): Reunion – Pt.2

1. Drum And Violin Solo
2. Nevermore
3. One More Red Nightmare
4. Caesar’s Palace Blues
5. The Only Thing She Needs
6. Rendezvous 6:02

Disc 10 (Blu-ray): Reunion

Disc 11 (CD): Live at the Paradise Theater, Boston – 7.10.1978

1. Alaska
2. Time To Kill
3. The Only Thing She Needs
4. Carrying No Cross
5. Thirty Years
6. Presto Vivace – In The Dead Of Night
7. Caesar’s Palace Blues

Disc 12 (CD): Live at Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia – 7.8.1978

1. Alaska
2. Time To Kill
3. The Only Thing She Needs
4. Carrying No Cross
5. Forever Until Sunday
6. Thirty Years
7. By the Light of Day
8. Presto Vivace
9. In The Dead Of Night
10. Improvisation
11. The Sahara Of Snow
12. Caesar’s Palace Blues

Disc 13 (CD): Live at the Agora Theater, Cleveland – 18.9.1978

1. Alaska / Time To Kill
2. The Only Thing She Needs
3. Carrying No Cross
4. Forever Until Sunday
5. Thirty Years / By The Light Of Day
6. Presto Vivace / In The Dead Of Night
7. Caesar’s Palace Blues

Disc 14 (CD): De Vereeniging, Nijmegen Netherlands – 17.12.1979

1. Alaska
2. Nothing To Lose
3. The Only Thing She Needs
4. Night After Night
5. Rendezvous 6:02

Disc 15 (CD): Outtakes And Extras

1. Danger Money (Jobson and Bozzio tracking session)
2. In The Dead Of Night (single version)
3. When Will You Realize (B-side)
4-11. UK (album backing tracks)

Disc 16 (CD): Interviews



UK Box Set   UK


As Amazon (USA) have dropped their price on the Ultimate Collectors' Edition box set, and as they are offering free shipping, we have decided to increase the Z'Lounge price only slightly, to $125, and keep the Full Member's price the same at $95. However, as the box will now weigh close to 5lbs, we have had to increase the international shipping cost to $65 (for purchases starting today). USA domestic shipping will remain at $20.

All pledges as part of the Z-Funder campaign will still receive the complete 16-disc box set, a savings for many of a whopping $95 off the current retail price, in addition to receiving free shipping. This is in appreciation for your early support and investment in the project. Thank you.

The detailed contents, as reflected in the 'Abbey Road' video (see the Video page) have now been officially released to the retailers. In addition to the highest quality remasters of U.K., Danger Money, Night After Night (with 50 minutes of additional music), as well as the Reunion double CD, there will be an interviews disc and an outtakes-and-extras disc, including Terry Bozzio and myself recording some of the drum parts on Danger Money, which is a lot of fun to listen to. I am also including four radio broadcasts - three of the original band performances with Bruford and Holdsworth, plus the final 1979 concert of the Jobson-Wetton-Bozzio trio performing in Holland; and I am preparinga 64-page book (for weight considerations, not four books as previously suggested), telling the complete story of UK. In terms of stereo audio, this will indeed be the definitive Ultimate Collector's Edition.


Terry Bozzio and UK - Live in New York   UK



UKZ Houston   UK



最高のパフォーマンス いよいよ日本で、そしてラストへ!  UK

 たどりつけばアラスカ  さんの記事にもあるように、今回のメンバーによるサウンドはロック色を前面に出し、21世紀のさまざまなメンバー構成のUKの中で、もっとも、オリジナルのUKに近いパフォーマンスを実現してくれそうです。





幸いZealots からも、一般販売からもチケットは直前まで入手できるようです。 最後のチャンスをお見逃しなく!

エディ・ジョブソン(Eddie Jobson)率いるU.K.の日本ツアー<UK 〜THE FINAL〜>が4月に開催。バンドの公式サイトによれば、27日(月)に大阪・なんばHatch、30日(木)に東京・中野サンプラザで行われます。30日の東京公演は“FINAL CONCERT”とされています。すでに大阪公演はチケットが販売されています。メンバーはエディ、ジョン・ウェットン(John Wetton)、アレックス・マカチェほか


●U.K. 公式サイト


Eddie Jobson (keys/vln) - John Wetton (bass/voc) - Alex Machacek (gtr) - Chad Wackerman (drms) - Mike Mangini (drms)

●2015/4/27(月) 大阪・なんばHatch 18:00/19:00
前売- 10,000円、当日- 10,500円


●2015/4/30(木) 東京・中野サンプラザ 18:00/19:00





UK at the Under the Bridge, London 1st March 2015, a sneak peek   UK

UK at the Under the Bridge, London 1st March 2015, a sneak peek


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