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 まもなく今回のUK reunion tourの最終公演開始です。
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Thanks,Mike Lano!

Author: Wrealano
Date: 04-24-11 00:20


So many wonderful people traveled from far away like the 4+ ladies from Japan, many from Europe, two I met from New Zealand. Four magnificent musicians.
Totally incredible show. It's not "prog." It's 30+ years old, futuristic and totally sounds better than anything most anyone else has produced in all that time.

John's voice was magnificent and in full form after the laryngitis scare(now that's equally amazin' recovery). I was with him at Peet's Coffee a few hours before the show and he was concerned after the show Monday in Japan. I believe Eddie said he went to the hospital too, but what a recovery. It was like what, 1978 again if you closed your eyes?! It was.

This is why all the top touring/selling bands are those from the 60's/70's/80's. They're all still great. Eddie, John and crew are just "greater." Many there tonight who weren't old enough when the 3 U.K. albums came out said it was the greatest show they'd ever seen. And they're right.

Eddie remains the musician's musician and a total genius. The photos I took captured the actual smoke coming off his fingers as they furiously hit those keyboards(and like no one on the planet can do). And the smoke coming off the magic he creates with his violin(believe he has 5). Seeing the smoke wafting off that instrument, and taking on whatever colored light was illuminating his every-changing-color violin made it totally surreal visually.

Finally just "got" that this site and ZLounge has more actual musicians than I'm guessing regular fans(but everyone's bonded by a love of Eddie's music). Many of these people thanked Eddie tonight and said he was the reason they became keyboardists or got started in music which I'm sure touched him post-show. That has to be gratifying, that his music touches so many and in so many ways. I'm preaching to the choir again, but he's more than just a "rock god." He can play any genre of music and before the violin(actually the one stage light) caught on fire(almost) he was out Laurie Anderson-ing it, creating music and tone on it w/o even playing it; rapping/tapping and turning it into a percussion instrument and more. I think it was during Presto V when those of us in the first few rows felt the immense power, as if we were in a windmill or one of those in-door parachute things at 50 G's. Our faces were being pushed and pelted with music, the walls and floors rocking. I've never experienced that at any music/art event before. Wow. It felt like we were blasting off. To those in Japan who said Eddie's first violin solo "sounded like a helicoptor," that's partially true. I don't think there's any limit to what he can do with that extension of himself, nor any sound or beautiful noise he can't produce from that violin. Easily the "hardest working man in show business." Who else can go from keyboards to v and back to keyboards in an instant? He's Van Gough, Mozart and Houdini all wrapped into one. All right enough gushing. Eddie, John and those two brilliant young lads(what a drummer! wow. wow. wow.)

Once Eddie looks over my photos, Ben and other great new family/friends here will somehow put all the shots up on Facebook(like the incredible female from L.A. who does the Facebook thing here since there's not a photo gallery here yet. What an incredible career she's had in music handling artists, doing p.r. and mucho mas(much more).

There aren't enough superlatives and adjectives to describe how great tonight's S.F. show was....fans chanting "U.K., U.K., U.K." Closing with just Eddie and John was pure class. Really a well-planned, amazing roller coaster ride of a show.

When the approved concert footage and music is released on Zealot's, just get it.
Eddie, thanks for making the entire sold-out San Francisco crowd so happy.

Tonight was musical nirvana. Brilliant.
But please don't make us all wait 30 years again.

Mike Lano

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Re: SF Show Brilliant! Amazing!
Author: Wrealano
Date: 04-24-11 00:36

Everyone who's in my photos will get copies, I promise. Like EJ, I'm also extremely sensitive to copyright and intellectual property infringement in my normal job of sports photojournalism having had people copy/paste/steal images I've shot of sports, concerts, etc since '66.

Once EJ and his management get all my shots and approve 'em, we'll have our friends who run this site post them(I believe in the associated Facebook area).

Want you all to know everyone will get their pictures, particularly those Zealots after the show who posed with Eddie.

Can I say again what a magnificent show tonight in SF was? We're honored this was the first gig Eddie lined up, and then Boston, NY and the three historic Japan dates followed. Here's hoping EJ and JW et al now know everyone on the planet wants them to tour again regularly(if they're up for it). And how much their efforts on all levels means to everyone-those musicians here, fans, journalists, whatever.

We're all brought together by Eddie's music, art and talents. He is still the absolute best. Absolutely no one on Earth can do what he does. I still say he should've scored the recent Tron sequel. BTW, one of Eddie's fans tonight says he's going to put me in touch with Wendy Carlos. She might be reclusive, but that didn't stop Sly Stone from doing a rare, lengthy phone interview on my show. So even before any connection, I'm sure that means she's thankfully still alive.

Mike Lano


Thank you,John!!!!  You Tube

 以下はJohn Wetton Official siteno Guest Bookに記されたJohn Wettonのコメントです。
 最後は日本語で Ganbaro!で締めくくっています。
 私には、今回の件が、逆に今後のUK reunionの結束、活躍の大きな契機になるのではないかと勝手に期待しています。
 あらためてThank you,Eddie,John, Marco and Alex!!!! 

 >Last night's show was very difficult for me (with ASIA, I would not have performed, the show would have been re-played, as part of another tour, with tickets refunded or honored), but due to UK's circumstances, that would have been impossible, so I decided to play.I thank you all for taking my performance so well. You all know what I am capable of, but when vocal cords are infected,and with fever, it is impossible to turn in an authentic rendition of the material . So thankyou for your empathy, I'm very glad I came to Japan in these times, I've seen some old friends, and made some new ones.
I'm very pleased to see the resilience, determination and optimism of the Japanese people,and I know your sun will shine again, brighter than ever.
If my presence, or participation has helped anyone, in whatever way, then I am happy, I am fulfilled.
God bless you. Sayonara! Gambaro!


Zealots Meet & Greet  You Tube

 いつもファンのために精一杯張り切ってくれるEDDIE JOBSON,THANKYOU VERY MUCH!!!

 >いやぁ、今日は多数のマイミクさんの涙腺がゆるんだと聞きました。ワタシもNothing to loseでは、XXXXXXXXXXX危機に襲われました。

 ☆ 先生は今日のほうがスマイルと小躍りがあったので、ノリはよかったと多くのヒトが言っていました。ワタシもそうだと思います。

 ☆ もうEddieのイメージは日々変わっています。今日は、昨日の「しゅーーーっつ!」に続いて、アクションに力がはいっていたように見えました。何よりも、KCの曲でバイオリン取りにそでに引っ込んででてくるとき、一緒に歌ってました!!


☆Alexって身長2m? 顔も体型も男性モデルのようだ。今朝の地震は「19階だったんで、すごく揺れて、おもしろかったよ!」と笑顔で答えてました。つぎの予定は

ボジオ  と ラング  でCAでショウ、とのことです。すごい人脈。


 ・僕はね、ファン vs ミュージシャンとか、そういう関係はいやなんだ。だから、今日は僕をみなさんが取り囲むような、このバーで集いをするように希望したんだよ。
 ・僕は小さいときから牛乳が大好きでね、もういつもmilk! milk! milk!って叫んでだよ。

===この原発トークで10分超。。。XX、XXXXXXXXXX ===

・僕は16歳で学校やめちゃったから、すべて実学なんだ。だから、資格がないし、イギリスで通用するものがアメリカではいろいろだめなことが沢山あるんだ。僕は大学は行っていない。でも、人生が大学みたいなものなんだよ <



Sakuraさんのレポート  You Tube


 >☆ Eddieは至近距離だと、実年齢よりはかなり若く見えるが、45歳くらいに見えました。でこじわが前より増えていました。
 ☆ EddieのFacebookにたまに書き込んでいると話したところ、マメにチェックしていたようです。(註Yasu 皆さん、どんどん書き込みしてEddieに思いを伝えましょう。EJ ForumでもFBでも読んでくれていますよ。)
 ☆ 本当によくファンサービスをしていて、感心しました。エライです!!
 ☆ Jon Andersonおいちゃんとぜひ一枚アルバム作ってくれ!と言ったところ、実際にもうJonおいちゃんにコンタクトをとったらしいです。でも、自分のツアーで忙しいし、あとはやはりいろいろな諸事情があり、そう簡単にはいかないようです。この話題について、もっと話したそうにしていましたが、あとにまだ並んでいる方がいらしたので、無理やりハナシを切り上げました。いつかFBとかで聞いてみようと思います。
 ☆ UK初来日には(Sakuraさんが)テストで行けなかった!と言ったところ、「なんのテスト?学校の??中学?高校?科目は?」と妙にテストの話題にくいついてきたEddieでした。
 ☆ 先生の歌詞あんちょこが左下にあるが、一小節ごとにちらみする曲と、あまり見ない曲の差が結構ありました。どなたかが言っていましたが、どうしても出だしが
 ☆ いちばんよく歌えてたのは、最後に手ぶらで歌ったあの曲。なんかもう無理しないで、両手を広げて歌っていただきたい。手首も心配。

 ☆ おもしろくなかった先生のMCのハイライト「この曲は作ってから40年経つんだ。僕と同じ年だね!」し〜〜〜〜〜ん。。。 (註Yasu 2日目のときは、さすがにさば読みしすぎと思ったのか、5歳のとき、と言ってましたね。)
 ☆ このあと、またUSに戻ってその二日後にはASIAツアーがKick Off.大切なドル箱事業のASIAは体調不良ってわけにはいかないので、早く体調を整えてほしいです。二日間にはロック学校もするみたいです。働き杉。<


Boston & New York Live Review  You Tube


 79年ライブは3人編成で、2枚目のDanger Moneyの楽曲演奏にはなんの遜色もありませんでしたが、1枚目の楽曲がギターレスで、アレンジがオリジナルと異なったこと、あるいはアランとの掛け合いのある曲は再現不能になったことが、多少の難点として挙げられます。(もっともEddieファンとしてはそれほど大きな問題ではありません。)
 またギターがあまり必要でない2枚目の楽曲ではギターレス、あるいは控えめなギター演奏で、決してでしゃばることなくオリジナルに忠実であったこと、Marcoのドラミングは1枚目の楽曲、2枚目の楽曲にも適するものであったこと、が79年ライブを上回る点でした。 さらにオリジナルメンバーでUKの核となる、2人が揃ったことで、UKZ,U-Z Project来日公演で多少弱点であったボーカルもほぼ理想に近いものとなりました。
 Eddie Jobson Fans Club in JapanのwebmasterであるNikkiさんのLive report



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Despite the recent difficulties in Japan,
I have always remained determined to bring the "UK Reunion" project to my fans.
Many people have advised postponing or canceling the shows,
but I will hear nothing of that idea.

Thank you for supporting this special one-of-a-kind tour with so much
enthusiasm; John and I are looking forward to performing our classic UK
tracks for you again for the first time since our 1979 'Night After
Night' concert.

See you soon!


 最近日本で(甚大な災害があり)困難があるにもかかわらず、ファンの皆さんのために私の「UK reunion」プロジェクトを実現する思いは常に変わりませんでした。


See you soon!

Eddie Jobson<



Boston Show reviews  You Tube


 EJ Forumにその感想がいくつか寄せられています。



Burt Bacharach  You Tube

Master ClassでEddieはBurt Bacharachのコードが新機軸であったと指摘していました。http://musicdendo.com/bacharach/bacharach.htm



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