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Though I was planning a somewhat reclusive year, it may come as a surprise to many of you that I have decided to play a handful of concerts in late April and early May. Marc Bonilla and I will pay tribute to our two longtime musical partners, John Wetton and Keith Emerson, with an intimate semi-acoustic duo performance of some of the music associated with John and Keith - songs from UK, Crimson and ELP performed with a single keyboard, voice and acoustic guitar. A quiet and moving evening of respect. I hope you will join us.

So far, we will be playing in London, Amsterdam (Zoetermeer), Québec, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia, with a few more dates to be added, including one or two West Coast cities. I haven't decided on Japan at this time.

Exact dates will be announced as they are confirmed.

For those of you not fully familiar with Marc, he was the lead singer and guitarist of the Keith Emerson Band, as well as being Keith's best friend and longtime music collaborator and co-producer. He was also a one-time guest of my U-Z Project.

Only tickets for the London show will be purchasable from the Zealots Lounge (at a slightly reduced price); all other tickets should be bought directly from the venues' ticket sites. Full members of the Lounge should only purchase regular tickets, not VIP tickets, as VIP privileges such as soundcheck and meet-and-greet access will be free to all Lounge members. The Zealots List will be at the door or box office of every venue, so plan to show up early (usually around 5:30pm) for a pre-show gathering.


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Members of the Zealots Lounge - be sure to check "EJ's Notes" for a newly-released update; also ... a newsletter was emailed to members today! For non-Z-Lounge members (who are always welcome to join!) - it's basically, an overview of the year ahead with an eye toward "archiving the past" in Eddie's words; a lot of studio-time slated for 2014. Live performances may be possible, but nothing to date except for the upcoming CTTE. Stay tuned! (lh)

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以下の文は、フェイスブック Eddie Jobson UK Official fan Pageからです。

Eddie has posted a holiday update in the Z'Lounge! This edition of "EJ's Notes" includes a recap of the recent Japan tour; and an overview of prospective projects for 2014, including plans to mix the Japan performances of both "EJ - Four Decades" and the special "UK" concert for release on DVD/Blu-Ray/CD. He's also hoping to deliver something … green … in the form of a Zealots Lounge download; along with an eye toward creating new music. A final message to close the year, as well as a nod to the end of an era. Wishing all a festive holiday season! (lh)

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