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Some important updates from Eddie in the Zealots Lounge. He explains why he's been quiet for so many months and an announcement discussing the future, specifically that he is permanently retiring from live concert touring. This does not mean that he's completely leaving music ... he's not. Thank you Eddie for returning to the stage for a second go-around eight years ago!


John Wetton 追悼コンサート  Eddie Jobson


Though I was planning a somewhat reclusive year, it may come as a surprise to many of you that I have decided to play a handful of concerts in late April and early May. Marc Bonilla and I will pay tribute to our two longtime musical partners, John Wetton and Keith Emerson, with an intimate semi-acoustic duo performance of some of the music associated with John and Keith - songs from UK, Crimson and ELP performed with a single keyboard, voice and acoustic guitar. A quiet and moving evening of respect. I hope you will join us.

So far, we will be playing in London, Amsterdam (Zoetermeer), Québec, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia, with a few more dates to be added, including one or two West Coast cities. I haven't decided on Japan at this time.

Exact dates will be announced as they are confirmed.

For those of you not fully familiar with Marc, he was the lead singer and guitarist of the Keith Emerson Band, as well as being Keith's best friend and longtime music collaborator and co-producer. He was also a one-time guest of my U-Z Project.

Only tickets for the London show will be purchasable from the Zealots Lounge (at a slightly reduced price); all other tickets should be bought directly from the venues' ticket sites. Full members of the Lounge should only purchase regular tickets, not VIP tickets, as VIP privileges such as soundcheck and meet-and-greet access will be free to all Lounge members. The Zealots List will be at the door or box office of every venue, so plan to show up early (usually around 5:30pm) for a pre-show gathering.







Ultimate UK Box Set is here!  UK


UK – Ultimate Collector’s Edition (2016)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Globe Music, GMM9150 | ~ 4793 or 1667 Mb | Scans(png) -> 978 Mb
Progressive Rock

>Referred to as "the great white hope of progressive rock" by Rolling Stone; UK were one of the most influential and acclaimed supergroups of the 1970s. Originally formed in England in 1977 by keyboardist and electric-violinist Eddie Jobson (Roxy Music, Frank Zappa); vocalist and bassist John Wetton (King Crimson); guitarist Allan Holdsworth (Soft Machine); and drummer Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson, Genesis), UK represented the final statement of the classic progressive-rock era – first with their ground-breaking eponymous debut album (recently selected by Rolling Stone as one of the top 30 Greatest Progressive Rock Albums of all time), and then as a trio with drummer Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa) and their influential "Danger Money" album, followed by the band’s classic "Night After Night" live album, recorded during their 1979 tour of Japan. Now, 38 years after their debut, bandleader and producer Jobson has compiled a 18-disc Ultimate Collectors’ Edition Box Set featuring high-resolution ‘Abbey Road’ remasters of their original studio recordings and several previously unreleased live recordings of the early group. The box set also includes, for the first time, a full concert version of "Night After Night," including an additional 50 minutes of music newly mixed from the original multitrack tapes, as well as a Blu-ray audio and double CD of the 2011 Jobson-Wetton "Reunion" Tokyo concert, previously unreleased outside of Japan. "U.K." definitive Abbey Road remaster of the classic first UK album 1 x CD and 1 x 24/96 high resolution Blu-ray audio. "Danger Money" definitive Abbey Road remaster 1 x CD and 1 x 24/96 high resolution Blu-ray audio. "Night After Night" definitive remaster and first mix of complete 1979 concert. Includes 50 minutes of previously unreleased material 2 x CDs and 1 x 24/96 high resolution Blu-ray audio. "Reunion" definitive remaster of 2011 Jobson-Wetton reunion concert in Tokyo 2 x CDs and 1 x 24/96 high resolution Blu-ray audio. Unreleased full concert recordings from 1978-1979 Boston – Paradise Theater Cleveland – Agora Ballroom, Philadelphia – Penn’s Landing, Nijmegen – Concertgebouw De Vereeniging 4 x CDs. Interviews and outtakes 2 x CDs "UK – 1977-2015" 64-page book.<


The Only thing She Needs  UK



Eddie Jobson Nightflight  Eddie Jobson







Hi folks. The first shipments of the UK box set will recommence this Friday, September 23rd. The early 2015 Z-Funder participants in the U.S. and Europe will be the first to receive the sets. Please know that, due to the extended length of time it is taking to remanufacture and replace the damaged boxes (see post below), the later orders could still take several more weeks, as will delivery to the physical and online retail outlets worldwide. Even the 2015 Z-Funders should allow a couple of weeks for our very small team to hand pack and re-label hundreds of packages.

All manufactured box sets have already sold out, at least as pre-sales to the retailers and those purchased directly from the Lounge. So I have pulled the box set from the Zealots Lounge store until we can manufacture more at some future date. We will save a very limited number of box sets for sale on the members' "Free" store, but they will also become unavailable very soon. Thank you for your support of this Ultimate Collectors' Edition - I never expected such a strong demand. We have already pre-sold three times more than I anticipated we would sell in a year.

Thanks also to the terrific reviews and comments I have received regarding the sonic quality of the remasters. I worked for many days, weeks and months trying to make this release the final and ultimate collection, so your comments are appreciated.<


Night After Night remix!!  UK



I am pleased to announce the completion of the new Night After NIght mixes; the entire concert-length recordings have been mixed from scratch by legendary mix engineer Bob Clearmountain. The newly extended 1979 live album is more than twice as long as the original release, coming in at 1 hour and 35 minutes, and will only be available in the Ultimate Collectors' Edition box set as both a double CD and as a high-resolution Blu-ray audio disc in both stereo and 5.1 surround-sound.

Unfortunately, we have experienced a few delays, mostly with manufacturing issues, so I have moved the box set release date to May 20th, although we still hope to ship out the Zealots Lounge and Z-Funder orders before the Amazon street date.

I think you will enjoy Bob's mixes of the Jobson, Wetton, Bozzio trio performing Thirty Years, Carrying No Cross, The Only Thing She Needs, Danger Money and more, along with new high-resolution remixes of the original Night After Night live tracks.

Bob's excellent assistant, Sergio, took this picture. I think he was shocked that anyone would have the audacity to start pushing buttons in the middle of a Bob Clearmountain mix! But Bob was OK with it... no, really.

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