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 Eddie Jobson Forumにもレポートを書きました。

First of all, this event is truly Fan meeting and the Master class.
It was filled with quite interesting episodes and performances especillay for musicians who know music theory. Of course it was exciting for those who don't know music theory like me..

He spoke about the genesis of sound and harmonics with the knowledge of physics using the blue violin.
He continued the story of his musical biography with the history of music since its birth in the western,mid eastern and far eastern areas.
He mentioned about the sound,especially how harmonics influence human's emotion.
We could realise the facts.
We understand why the music in medieval classical music isn't so attractive.
Certain harmonics is frequently used by a certain rock group.
Now befofore Tokyo event,I shouldn't tell in detail.

Eddie mastered the music theory completely in his early teens and he applied it to his compositions since 8 years old !
 I had some question about the difference between Eddie and other musicians for a long time without the knowledge of music theory .I didn't know the reason why all his works are profound and emotional. But I came to know the reason by his explanation of harmonics and chord progression.
I also like Beatles' works and I have been attracted by Prog Rock for about 33years.
I came to know their common features by Eddie's schooling.
 In the lecture Eddie played the three works of Piano One!

What is more, some passages of Paris By Night in Curved Air's unofficilal,bootleg album,Lovechild with the screen of his real music scores.
 Scores which were written by Eddie about 30 or 40 years ago are projected to the screen.
These are the great pieces of his works !! He introduced the passages and played each piece along with the completed works.
Rare works were publised for the first time in the world,
Ffor example his very early work at the age of 8 !
We see his talent grew as his music theory became complete.

The original score of the most beautiful work of Roxy Music,Bryan Ferry was also published and played in public for the first time.
Perhaps,you know what it is.
I must keep secret until the Master Class in Tokyo is over.





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