Night After Night remix!!  UK


I am pleased to announce the completion of the new Night After NIght mixes; the entire concert-length recordings have been mixed from scratch by legendary mix engineer Bob Clearmountain. The newly extended 1979 live album is more than twice as long as the original release, coming in at 1 hour and 35 minutes, and will only be available in the Ultimate Collectors' Edition box set as both a double CD and as a high-resolution Blu-ray audio disc in both stereo and 5.1 surround-sound.

Unfortunately, we have experienced a few delays, mostly with manufacturing issues, so I have moved the box set release date to May 20th, although we still hope to ship out the Zealots Lounge and Z-Funder orders before the Amazon street date.

I think you will enjoy Bob's mixes of the Jobson, Wetton, Bozzio trio performing Thirty Years, Carrying No Cross, The Only Thing She Needs, Danger Money and more, along with new high-resolution remixes of the original Night After Night live tracks.

Bob's excellent assistant, Sergio, took this picture. I think he was shocked that anyone would have the audacity to start pushing buttons in the middle of a Bob Clearmountain mix! But Bob was OK with it... no, really.



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